Premiere season WA Regional Arts Summit

Boardwalk Theatre, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre 13 – 15 October 2017


Fearless is a dynamic performance…a circus show that is as exhilarating as it is contemplative…Vulnerability is one of Fearless’ greatest strengths… Fearless will leave you staggered by the cast’s strength, grace and control. A youthful and intimate performance, Fearless is the perfect fit for families, young children, and punters new to circuses.


Sailing across the seas with our family of Foxes sharing their darkest secrets and scariest moments, we watch their struggle to stay afloat, witnessing heart racing moments of panic and fear, finally relieved as they safely step onto shore ready to face a new future together.

FEARLESS is an action packed, exciting and magical show for the whole family featuring daring aerials, suspension, flying and falling. It is drawn from our experiences around the growing belief that we as a community need to FEAR-LESS. We have ALL experienced fear – That feeling that simply grabs you, holds you back from doing something, that takes over you and shakes you to your very core, the fear that makes you feel alive… A heartfelt and timely tale about love, loss, reaching out, holding on, helping each other and finding a place to call home.

FEARLESS is an impressive circus-based ensemble piece, acts are infused with light touches of drama, occupying a kind of dream world…the closest comparison for Fearless would be the work of Phillip Genty…

Creative Team:

Co-created & performed by: Adam O’Connor-McMahon, Angelique Ross, Dawn Pascoe, Ruth Battle, Maya Tregonning & Yvan Karlsson

Featuring emerging artists from Pulse Productions

Concept/Direction: Sally Richardson
Lighting Design: Mark Howett
Production Design: Chloe Flockart
Sound Design: James Luscombe/Tim Collins/Joe Lui
Choreography: Claudia Alessi

Circus Direction: Tracy Harrington
Production Manager: Craig Williams
Project Assistant/ASM: Isabella Stone
Associate Artist: Meredith Kitchen (NICA)
Executive Producer: Guy Boyce (for MPAC)

This activity has been funded by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions Program administered by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) Culture and the Arts (WA) in consultation with the Department of Regional Development, Healthway (Act, Belong, Commit), Peel Health Campus, Country Arts WA.

FEARLESS Trailer 2017

Circus Maxima’s Premier of FEARLESS, manages to create a world where fears are not hard things to be conquered, but gentle things to be coaxed into centre stage. Fearless delivers a portrait of humanity searching to maintain sanity. An exploration of fear as a physical and psychological dialogue between ourselves and the uncontrollable nature of others. What better way to tackle this subject than through the exquisite inherent danger that is circus aerials and highwire, and the mesmerising focus it takes to dance objects against their gravity.

Sally Richardson, with a talented team of artists, has choreographed light, sound, object and body into a journey through a timeless place. A place that could be post WW1 Europe, or post 9/11, or just post monsters beneath the bed. An astounding and emotional journey that demanded courage by the creators, and generosity from the performers. Thankyou Circus Maxima for having the courage to be in this world.

Jo Smith Circus WA

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